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ECG Home Heart Monitor Test - 48 or 24 hour (Including Diagnosis & Medical Report)

ECG Home Heart Monitor Test - 48 or 24 hour (Including Diagnosis & Medical Report)

Our home ECG heart monitor test uses the innovative QardioCore device, a wearable ECG monitor that will track the electrical activity of your heart continuously, over 48 hours. It can also be used for 24 hours though we recommend 48 hours to gather more data for our Cardiologists to analyse. Your ECG data is sent, via a smartphone, to a qualified Cardiologist who will review it and send a clinical diagnosis and medical report, within 7 days. Our ECG monitor can be used to determine if your heart is working properly and you can take the medical report to your GP to discuss further. Our home ECG Holter monitor device provides 360 degree Heart Health analysis, tracking including: * ECG/EKG data *Heart rate *Heart rate variability *Skin temperature *Respiratory rate *Activity.

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Most conditions detected by home ECG tests include irregularities in heartbeat and abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmias) such as atrial fibrillation 

Find out more about what heart holter monitors test for

Key features:

  • Accurate remote ECG monitoring using the latest technology - a QardioCore device and smartphone will be sent to your home
  • The device tracks EKG/ECG data, skin temperature and heart activity in real time
  • Data is sent to a team of expert Cardiologists via a smartphone for analysis
  • Receive your medical report and diagnosis within 7 days - download a sample ECG report.
  • Medical report can be taken to your GP for further discussion on treatment options
  • The team of Cardiologists support both the NHS and private healthcare
  • No wires or patches - easy to wear design for men and women
  • Can be used safely and easily at home, while you are exercising or while you are sleeping. 
  • ECG monitor is splash and rain-resistant, perfect for everyday use. 
  • No risk purchase - we will contact you post-order to check this is the right test for you, and if it's not, we will fully refund you. 

Additional details:

Length of study: We recommend 48 hours of data is best to capture as much data as possible for the expert Cardiologists to analyse. The team can also diagnose and report with 24 hours of data if needed.

Diagnosis by: Qualified Cardiologists

Equipment: QardioCore device and smartphone will be sent to your home. The equipment will need to be returned after your test - we provide a pre-paid envelope for you to return it via the post office or we can arrange collection by a courier if needed.

Delivery: Free delivery, despatched after your post-order call to confirm this is the right test for you.

Time to diagnosis: Within 7 days

Medical report delivered: Yes - our detailed medical report can be taken to your GP for discussions about any treatment needed. Download a sample here

CQC registered?: Yes, we are full CQC-registered

Refund options: We will check this is the right test for you before we despatch it, and if it's not, we will offer you a full refund. 


Got more questions? Read our general FAQs or contact us and we'd be happy to help.


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  • What CQC-registered means

    Being CQC-registered means you can be sure our home ECG testing service will be delivered to the highest standards and is monitored and reviewed by the Care Quality Commssion.

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How it works

Our at-home, remote ECG monitor, uses the innovative QardioCore technology to monitor your heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature and respiratory rate. This continuous wireless electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) monitor is designed to improve detection and monitoring of cardiac conditions while easily fitting into your daily life.

  • We send you a home ECG monitor which you wear for 24 or 48 hours, and a smartphone device.

  • The smartphone picks up the data automatically from the monitor.

  • The data is sent directly from the smartphone to our team of Cardiologists for review and diagnosis.

  • We send you your complete medical report, diagnosis and recommendations from the Cardiologist.

Why choose Vitapulse Health?

* Receive a clinical diagnosis and complete medical report within days, without having to wait months on NHS waiting lists.

* The QardioCore home ECG test is the latest in heart monitoring technology

* Choice of 24 or 48 hour home ECG monitoring (we always recommend 48 hours)

* Post-order consultation to make sure it's the right test for you

* Backed by a team of expert Cardiologists

* We are CQC-registered, so you can be certain our service is delivered to the highest care standards.

Ready to check your heart health?

If you feel this test is right for you and you are ready to take control of your health, simply order our test online and we will be in touch for our initial consultation to check it's the right test for you, and to arrange quick delivery of the equipment. 

Got a question? Talk to us.