The Pharmacy Show


Based in the heart of the South Wales Valleys, Vitapulse Health Ltd is a private provider of remote screening and diagnostic services – services your patients can use quickly, easily and safely, in the comfort and security of their own home.  We will help them choose the most appropriate service, support them to use the equipment and technology correctly, and ensure they receive a full and thorough diagnosis.

Why are our services so crucial?

The NHS is facing a huge challenge on the back of a global pandemic which means that patients are having to wait longer than ever to access appropriate screening, diagnostic testing and treatment. This doesn’t only have implications for physical health, it can also be very challenging for patients emotional and mental health if they have to wait for referrals, tests, diagnosis and treatment, causing worry and anxiety for months, and sometimes years, on end.

How can pharmacy help?

Access to medical professionals has become more difficult as we navigate our way post-pandemic, which means getting answers and solutions to health concerns involves longer waiting times. We offer a range of CQC registered high-quality diagnostic testing services and our customer care team will work with patients to provide guidance on the most appropriate treatment solutions.  There is an opportunity to partner with high street pharmacy outlets to offer our services to your patients.  Please feel free to speak to us for more information about how this partnership could benefit your patients as well as your pharmacy.  Contact Andrea Smart 07980194722 or email

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