Sleep Apnoea testing for your customers

Up to an estimated 85% of sleep apnoea sufferers are undiagnosed. NHS waiting times for sleep studies remain long, in excess of 12 months in some areas. Help your customers get tested quickly and effectively and reduce pressure on the NHS, with our private, in-home sleep apnoea test.

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Helping your customers take control of their health and getting a confirmed diagnosis of sleep apnoea, or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) as it’s sometimes called, is the first step to a better quality of life for them. 

We partner with pharmacies all over the UK to offer our Sleep Apnoea test to their customers, helping them to increase and improve the support services they provide in store.

We will provide posters and point of sale material to display in your pharmacy, which will enable you to chat with your customer about our home Sleep Apnoea test if they enquire. You won’t need to hold any stock or be involved in the despatch or diagnosis process. Simply refer them to us using the flyer we will supply (which will have your unique code on it) and we will rebate you 20% of the order value once the order has been placed by the patient. 

Why offer this service?

Extra help and support for customers

Reduce pressure on NHS waiting lists

Raise awareness of sleep apnoea and its risks

Easy to offer - a simple chat is all that is required

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How it works

Our at-home sleep study uses innovative technology to track and assess our customers' sleep and breathing patterns, in order to diagnose sleep apnoea, often called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). 

  • We send the customer a sleep apnoea monitor for 3 nights

  • Their smart phone picks up the data from the monitor

  • The data is sent to our clinical centre for diagnosis

  • We send the customer their report and recommendations