Key features of our home sleep apnoea study:

3 night initial sleep study, with 7 days additional testing capability for follow up tests

Test for sleep apnoea remotely with a wearable device that’s sent to your home

Unobtrusive sensor finger device will track your sleep and breathing

The device syncs with a smartphone app and feeds back data while you sleep

Your sleep data is sent to our clinical sleep experts for analysis

Receive your diagnosis and full report within days

CQC-registered high-quality diagnostic testing service

Post-diagnosis customer care, advice and treatment options guidance included

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We will contact you once we receive your order to ensure this test is right for you before we proceed. If it’s found that this test is not the right one for you, we will issue a full refund. Our ethos focuses firmly on delivering the right diagnostic testing to the right patients. 

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How it works

Our at-home sleep study, also called Polysomnography, uses leading edge technology to track and assess your sleep and breathing, in order to diagnose sleep apnoea, often known as Obstrucive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). 

  • We send you a sleep apnoea monitor for 3 nights

  • Your smart phone picks up the data from the monitor

  • The data is sent to our clinical centre for diagnosis

  • We send you your report and recommendations

Why choose the Vitapulse Health at-home sleep apnoea test?

Test in your own home without the inconvenience of visiting a sleep clinic

No need to wait up to 2 years for an NHS sleep study – get tested straight away

Our test delivers a diagnosis, not just the data for you to interpret

Cost effective, end-to-end solution – testing, diagnosis and post-diagnosis advice

Full sleep apnoea diagnosis and clinical report delivered within days

Our test kit allows for up to 7 days further testing for follow ups and progress assessments

Diagnosis by clinical sleep experts

CQC-registered remote testing service

Full refund if the test isn’t right for you

Ready to get started?

If you feel this test is right for you and you are ready to take control of your health, simply purchase online and we will be in touch to confirm the process and delivery of the equipment. 

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I had no idea I had sleep apnoea. I don't even know what it was. I thought I just snored loudly. A friend told me he'd been diagnosed with something called OSA and that I should speak to my GP about getting myself tested. I found out there was a 2 year wait for a sleep study so I did some research myself. I came across Vitapulse Health by accident but ordered a 3 night study. I was shocked and actually quite worried to find out I had sleep apnoea. Taking the test was simple and quick. My report was sent back to me within a few days and I was contacted by Aaron from the Care Centre to talk about my results. We discussed ways in which I could help improve my symptoms without the need for treatment and I'm now following a diet and exercise plan.

JP, South Wales