What happens if I change my mind about the test?

We understand that making a decision about purchasing a test can sometimes be difficult an one that needs to be made carefully.  After we receive every order, our customer care team will take contact to confirm the order details.  If you have changed your mind about proceeding with the order, you can let us know and we will refund your money immediately as long as we have not dispatched your home testing kit.  And if you decide in the future that you would like to re-order, you can either call us or place an order directly through our website.

How can I be sure the test is right for me?

You can contact our customer care team prior to placing an order if you have any questions or concerns about taking one of our at-home tests or to find out if our test is right for you.  Once we receive any order, our customer care team will contact you to confirm order details and find out more information about why you have chosen to order a particular test.  If, during that conversation it’s apparent that you do not need to take a test, we will refund your money and cancel the order.  

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds on any at-home test ordered prior to the testing kit being dispatched.  It’s important that you understand what the service is, what it does, how you use it, and what you can expect in terms of a diagnostic report.  All of this information will be provided during the customer care confirmation call.  If you decide not to go ahead prior to dispatch of the testing kit and your test being conducted, we will offer a full refund.

How quickly will I receive my test kit?

Once your order has been confirmed, your testing kit will be dispatched the same day if your order has been placed before 12.00pm.  We use Royal Mail for deliveries and they aim to have your order with you within 2 days but very often this is next day.

Will my test kit arrive by post?

Yes.  All orders are posted out using Royal Mail courier delivery service in plain packaging.  You will need to be in to sign for your delivery and a suitable delivery date will be agreed during the call you will receive from our customer care team.

How quickly will I receive my medical report?

We aim to have your diagnostic report within 3-7 days.  A Consultant Cardiologist or Consultant Sleep Physiologist will compile the report as soon as they have collected and analysed your data which can sometimes take a few days.  If you require your report urgently, we will endeavour to fast-track your diagnostic report.

Is my medical report written by qualified clinicians?

Yes.  All our diagnostic reports are written by Consultant Cardiologists and Consultant Sleep Physiologists who work both in the NHS and private practice.

Do I need to send the test equipment back?

If you have ordered a test for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, you keep the testing equipment.  The tests come with 10 nights study preloaded and you own and retain the testing equipment which you can then use for follow-up or subsequent tests.  In this instance, you only pay for the diagnostic report.  If you have purchased a Holter Monitor for heart testing, you will need to return the equipment once the test has been completed.  During the initial courtesy call from our customer care team, we will arrange dates for both delivery and collection via Royal Mail.  Alternatively, the equipment comes with a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope that you can take to a local Post Office.

What are my options after the test?

This will depend on your diagnosis.  If you receive a confirmed diagnosis for either Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or Atrial Fibrillation, we will discuss recommendations for further investigation or treatment.  You are in control of what happens next.  We will advise and guide you every step of the way about your options, but ultimately you decide how you would like to proceed.

Is my data secure?

Yes.  From the first time you engage with us, we ensure your data is secure by ensuring our systems are safe and secure from cyber-attack.  None of your diagnostic data is shared with anyone except our Doctors and Consultants.  No report is printed or filed, with all of your data being stored securely in the digital cloud.  The entire process involves several security measures which are outlined below:

  • ICO – Upholds Data Protection Act 2018
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation
  • NHS SPT – Data Security & Protection Toolkit
  • Data Encryption – US Military Grade End to End AWS 
  • Cloud Hosted - EU Germany
  • API’s – Considered for National EPR’s systems
  • G-Cloud 11 – Digital Marketplace

How do I contact your Customer Care team?

You can either email contact@vitapulsehealth.com or call 02922 700700 during office hours 9.00am-5.00pm

Are the remote health tests easy to use?

All our tests come with full instructions and screen shots of how to use just like the example below.  If you have any issue when using the test, we also have the support of a technical team who will call you to talk you through the process.  If you need this support, email contact@vitapulsehealth.com or call the customer care team on 02922 700700 and we will arrange a call back at a suitable time.

Will you call me to talk through my medical report?

Once we have your diagnostic report, we will contact you by phone and ask you to send us an email so that we can be sure we have a secure email address before replying with your report.  We will allow you some time to read the report before contacting you by phone to discuss your results.  At this time, we will also take you through the recommendations and help you make a decision about your next steps.  You can contact us at any time to ask for further help or support which we provide free of charge.

Do I need to book an appointment during the process?

No.  You can contact us at any time without the need for an appointment – either by email contact@vitapulsehealth.com or by calling our customer care team 02922 700700.  If lines are busy, please leave a message and we will call you back.

How do you know when I’ve completed the test? Do I have to let you know?

We would like you to let us know when you have completed the test so that we can confirm with our clinicians the data is ready to be analysed.  This helps them to prepare time to thoroughly analyse your data and prepare you diagnostic report. 

How is the data transferred to the clinicians?

All data is store confidentially in the cloud.  The NightOwl and QardioCore Apps save the data electronically for the clinicians to download once the test has been completed.  This data is only seen by the clinical team and not shared with anyone else.

What if the kit arrives damaged from transit?

If the testing kit arrives at your home in a damaged state, please contact us immediately contact@vitapulsehealth.com or call 02922 700700 and we will arrange a replacement as a matter of urgency.