About Vitapulse Health

Based in the heart of the South Wales Valleys, Vitapulse Health Ltd is a private provider of remote screening and diagnostic services – services you can use quickly, easily and safely, in the comfort and security of your own home.  We will help you choose the most appropriate service for you, support you to use the equipment and technology correctly, and ensure you receive a full and thorough diagnosis.  We will even help you select the most appropriate treatment options available to you.  Giving you the very best experience and care is our main priority.

The NHS is facing a huge challenge on the back of a global pandemic which means that patients are having to wait longer than ever to access appropriate screening, diagnostic testing and treatment. This doesn’t only have implications for physical health, it can also be very challenging for our emotional and mental health if we have to wait for referrals, tests, diagnosis and treatment, causing worry and anxiety for months, and sometimes years, on end. 

Access to medical professionals has become more difficult as we navigate our way post-pandemic, which means getting answers and solutions to your health concerns involves longer waiting times. We offer a range of CQC registered high-quality diagnostic testing services and our customer care team will work with you to provide guidance on the most appropriate treatment solutions, direct to you, the patient. 

Our Mission

To aid health and well-being by providing our customers with a quick, easy and comprehensive service of diagnosis and access to treatment

Our Vision

We want to be the UK’s most trusted partner and to give peace of mind to those who have concerns over their health, by providing service excellence in screening, diagnosis, and the most appropriate treatment options.  We make it easy to get answers to your questions and concerns.

If you would like any more information about any of our services, our customer contact team would love to hear from you. Get in touch on 02922700700.


  • Helen

    Helen is one of the customer care agents at Vitapulse Health.  Helen helps our customers find the right product or service for them and will support them with placing an order, talking to them about their results and helping them find the right treatment solution.  Helen loves animals, yoga and keeping fit and healthy.  If you speak to Helen be sure to ask her about her gardening.  She grows her own vegetables.  Way to go Helen!  

  • Andrea

    Andrea is our CEO and she has years of experience in healthcare.  She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, such as ostomy and continence products and home delivery companies.  Andrea is really passionate about trying to find solutions for our customers that will make it easier for them to live better lives.  Andrea is still very much hands on and works with our customer care team every day.  Andrea loves music so if you speak to her, ask about her favourite artists. 

  • Aaron

    Meet Aaron.  Aaron is our Operations Manager and works closely with our customer care team.  Aaron is super keen to make sure all our customers receive the quality service they deserve.  Aaron is a huge sports fan and will happily talk to anyone about any sport but especially golf or cricket.  If you speak to Aaron, don’t be afraid to chat about sport.  He’ll be only too happy to.  

  • Jordan

    Say hello to Jordan one of our customer care agents.  Jordan has recently finished his studies and this is his first job.  Jordan is super fit and active and he plays rugby for his local team.  Jordan is the youngest member of our team and really keen to learn and to help our customers in any way he can.  

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