Vitapulse Health: Innovative health testing in the comfort of your own home

If you have concerns over your health and want reliable, effective diagnostic testing in the comfort of your own home, with expert analysis and results within days, we can help. 

Backed by a team of experts in cardiology, sleep disorder and lung function, our service will deliver cutting-edge remote monitoring equipment to you, with full setup and testing support from our specialist team. The devices monitor you at home and the testing data is beamed directly to the healthcare professionals who can analyse the information and make a diagnosis, all within just a few days from when you order the test. 

Giving you the very best experience and care is our main priority, bringing you a diagnosis quickly, along with guidance on the most appropriate treatment options, so you can move forward with all of the health information you need.

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Why use Vitapulse Health?

Convenience and Comfort

Being tested in your own home, without needing to attend a clinic or waiting to be seen in person.

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Fast Diagnosis

Our remote health monitoring technology helps our experts diagnose and provide treatment options in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

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Improved outcomes

Catching a health condition in its early stages with remote testing and a quick turnaround on diagnosis means that treatment can usually start sooner, resulting in better outcomes for many.

We understand that when you have concerns about your health, the faster you can get things checked out, the better for everyone. Our service offers you a way to take control of your healthcare journey, enabling you to be tested by the experts and using the best health monitoring technology available, but in your own surroundings and on your timetable. 

Whether you want a remote ECG to check heart health, home spirometry to test lung function or to be tested as you sleep in your own bed for sleep apnoea, we can help. Get in touch for more information.

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